Tenemos el agrado de convocar su Organización a la Convención y Asamblea Anual de UPADI que tendrán lugar en la ciudad de Panamá


Presidente de las Organizaciones Miembros de la Unión Panamericana de Asociaciones de Ingenieros- UPADI

São Paulo, 15 de Enero de 2016

Asunto: Convocatoria Convención y Asamblea Anual de UPADI 2016

Estimado(a) Sr(a). Presidente,

Tenemos el agrado de convocar su Organización a la Convención y Asamblea Anual de UPADI que tendrán lugar en la ciudad de Panamá, en los días 24 a 28 de Octubre del año en curso en el Hotel Playa Bonita,Ciudad de Panamá, de acuerdo con la Agenda preliminar de la Asamblea anexada a esta Convocatoria (Anexo I) y con el Programa de la Convención (Anexo II).

En esta reunión se procederá a la elección, para mandato de dos años, del Presidente Electo, de los Vice Presidentes de la Región I – Norte, Región II – Central y Región III – Caribe (en que puede haber una reelección de los actuales) y, con 4 años de mandato, del Tesorero y del Secretario (en que puede haber reelección de los actuales), por lo que solicitamos a las Organizaciones Miembros que presenten sus candidatos a esta Dirección Ejecutiva antes del 15 de Agosto de 2016.

Solicitamos también el envío a esta Dirección Ejecutiva, antes del 30 de Abril de 2016, los nombramientos a Premios de UPADI, de acuerdo con las orientaciones del Anexo III.

Esperando contar con su importante presencia en Panamá, quedamos de Vd. muy atte.

Ing. Jorge Spitalnik

Director Ejecutivo



October 24 – 28 of 2016

Coinciding with the XXXVI Convention of the Pan American Academy of Engineers Association UPADI and the Meeting of the Pan American Academy of Engineers API the Magnus XXI Continental Congress on Ocean, Coastal, Rivers, Channels and Lagoons will take place in the Westin Hotel Playa Bonita in Panama City with the support of numerous organizations related with this specialty

Right now the new canal is operating with its two huge sluices which triple the canal´s capacity which has been operating satisfactory for more than 100 years and save 60% of the sweet water needed for the passing of the enormous postpanamax ships. Technical visits have been programed with specialists of the Panama Canal Authorities.

The congress will place great interest in the creativity logistic and engineering which are fundamental bases for the Pan American future.

Details, Rules and Information

We welcome you to submit abstracts for your papers. If your abstract is selected your full paper will be included in the final program.

Subject Matter

Due to present day status of the ocean and coastal engineering needs, it is essential to consider the importance of research, innovation, technological development and education required to take especially into account the effects and risks due to climate change which challenge the coastal zones infrastructure and its inhabitants. With this consideration we encourage you to submit papers on one of the following topics with emphasis on the subjects just indicated.

Coastal processes
Coastal structures
Maritime structures
Maritime transport and its global influence
Instrumentation and oceanic information for extreme events
Importance of inland navigation
Sedimentation and dredging activities
Environmental impact on global oceans
Climate change and the importance of the oceans

Language Requirements

All abstracts must be submitted in English. Final papers may be submitted in Spanish or in English.

Submission Dates

Please note the following submission and approval dates. Exceptions will not be granted for submissions.

Abstract submission: December 8, 2015
Abstract status notification: January 8, 2016
Final paper submission: May 6, 2016
Please take note that each author is responsible for adhering to all deadlines to ensure that the paper can be reproduced for distribution at the meeting.

General Requirements for Abstracts and Final Papers

The following guidelines detail format requirements for abstracts and final papers.

Page size must be standard 8.5x!!”.
Margins must be one inch on the top, bottom, left and right.
Title must be in 14 point, bold typeface.
Authors and affiliations must be listed in 12 point typeface.
Body of the paper must be in 12 point typeface.
Footers and Bibliographic Information must be in 10 point typeface.
Microsoft Word or Word Perfect formats are acceptable

Requirements for Abstracts

In addition to the above General Requirements, the following rules apply for abstract submission:

Length must not exceed 500 words.
Abstracts must be submitted via e-mail to cccgroup@prodigy.net.mx.

Requirements for Final Papers

In addition to the above General Requirements, the following rules apply for papers submission.

Length must not exceed 10 pages, including text, graphs and appendices.
Abstracts should be imbedded at the beginning of the paper.
Papers must be submitted via e-mail to cccgroup@prodigy.net.mx
Authors are also encouraged to prepare Power point materials for audience presentation with English and Spanish subtitles, if possible..

Copyright information

By submitting an abstract or paper the author (s) therefore affirms that no copyrighted material is being submitted without permission.

Authors must clearly indicate current contact information, including current e-mail address

Plaza Villa de Madrid No. 3, R.G.1

Col. Roma

México 06700, D.F.


Mail: cccgroup@prodigy.net.mx

Fuente: http://upadi.com/events/convocatoria-convencion-y-asamblea-anual-de-upadi-2016/

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